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While it might be a great idea to set out by yourself on a kayaking adventure, you would most likely prefer an extra company sometime. Kayaking usually becomes much more enjoyable when you can have someone along. This is why tandem kayaks are made.

Tandem kayaks simply refer to kayaks for two people, that is, kayaks with two seats. Many beginners often worry at the idea of kayaking alone, but with the use of a tandem kayak, it gets just perfect. Whether for recreation activities, fishing or touring, a tandem kayak is a really great idea.

Why choose a tandem kayak?

Great choice for learners and trainers

Whether you are a novice or an amateur at water sports, or you are an enthusiastic expert trying to show your friend, spouse or child the joys of kayaking, then a tandem kayak is best for you. As an amateur paddler, it is usually advisable to go out with an expert, particularly if you would be moving across rough waterways.

Likewise, if you want to teach your skills to a newbie, a tandem kayak allows you to sit comfortably behind your student, while you guide the boat with ease. This way, the learner enjoys the view, even while paddling together with you in a maintainable pace.

If you’d just like the company of your dog or a pet, then you should go for a tandem kayak.

A tandem kayak is wider and more spacious:

Because it was designed for two people, a tandem kayak is clearly larger than a single-person kayak. It is also flatter and therefore feels more balanced. Even if you’re out alone in a tandem kayak, it feels quite flat and easy to maneuver. More so, you have some extra space to keep in your gadgets and stuff.

Best Tandem Kayaks for Great Kayaking Experience

Buying a tandem kayak might come with some confusion, because there are so many choices you can pick from, with several producers and sellers calling your attention. However, here is a compilation of some of the best tandem kayaks you can purchase from Amazon, making it easier to make the best choice.

1. Perception Rambler 13.5” Sit on top tandem kayak

The Perception Rambler 13.5’’ tandem kayak is a great choice for newbie paddlers, because it feels very safe and comfortable. And more so, it is quite affordable and durable too, therefore a pretty smart investment. Designed for whitewater kayaking as well as slow moving rivers or lakes, the Rambler is suitable for different levels of expertise.

Made with sturdy, high-density polyethylene and one-piece roto-molded material, the boat works fine for boating, recreational activities or fishing. It is designed to have UV and abrasion resistance

Being a 13.5” sit-on-top kayak, it is fitted with molded-in, removable padded seats which are super easy to climb in and out of. However, if you’d be spending a long time out on the water, a comfier seat might be required. In this case, you can easily replace them with more padded seats.

The kayak has an extra fitting for a small pet or a kid, as well as a large space at the rear for storage with strong cord lashes to hold down paddling gear, and strong handles for carrying to and fro. With a fairly light weight of 78lbs, the boat still has a capacity to carry up to 550lbs.

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2. Perception Cove sit-inside tandem kayak for recreation

Here is another great tandem kayak which is considered as a favourite choice for many paddling lovers. This is a sit-inside recreation kayak that offers many great features.

The kayak has a 14foot 6 inches length, and a 31.25 width. With a boat weight of 71lbs, it is suited to carry 550 lbs. if you want a really spacious tandem kayak, hen the Perception Cove is just right for you. You get to enjoy a comfy ergonomic seat with adjustable backrests for your comfort and safety.

The impact-resistant, one -piece construction also assures you of a safe and durable leak-proof vessel. With its fairly light weight and optimized design, the kayak is quite easy to transport.

It has a large rear storage and an extra-large cockpit, and comes with the necessary accessories which includes a paddle, a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) or lifejacket, a bilge pump, and a kayak cart. You can enjoy a sweet adventure with your companion, particularly on slow-moving waterways.

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3. Driftsun Rover 120/220 inflatable tandem white-water kayak


The Driftsun Rover 220 is a 600lbs, two-person, tandem kayak. From the name, it is clearly designed for adventures on whitewater and fast-moving rapids. Also, with its inflatable feature, you can easily transport it while deflated and re-inflate at your destination. You also don’t have to bother so much about storage. Despite this, the vessel is known to be very easy to set up, taking just about five to ten minutes.

Although, due to this, many fear the durability of the boat. However, the Driftun Rover guarantees a smooth safe expedition, looking at its 1000D Reinforced Layered PVC, with a High Pressure Drop Stitch flooring. Such a heavy-duty material is known to be very stable and balanced in water, due to its flat, wide base. The two-seat option is also convertible to a one-seater, making this a really viable choice for anybody.

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4. Vibe Kayaks yellowfin 13OT two person kayak

The Yellowfin 13OT Kayak is a beautiful piece that is customizable and really fancy. If you want it as a two-person vessel or as a solo vessel, you can easily convert it to your preference.

However, it is specifically designed to be a tandem kayak. Families usually opt for this tandem kayak because it has seats provided for two adults and a small child in the middle, and still enjoys ample storage and several accessories. With two breathable mesh-fabric hero seats and two paddles, both paddlers enjoy comfort and balance all through the ride. The balance is obviously due to its 35” wide and flat bottom.

The design affords it speed and ruggedness, thereby perfect for fast-moving water adventures or ocean surfs. It is also great for lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.  Fitted with Phantom-grip comfy handles, you can transport the Yellowfin 13OT tandem with ease. You can have this tandem kayak shipped safely to your location within a reasonable delivery time.

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5. Driftsun Teton 120 hard shell recreational tandem kayak

Here is another Driftsun product you would definitely like to check out. Whether fishing, paddling, touring or simply cruising with a friend, the Driftsun Teton is simply perfect and impressive.

It was designed and built for stability and comfort, with a capacity to carry two adults and a child or a pet. No matter your level of paddling experience, this kayak gives an enjoyable, adventurous, and safe experience. In other words, you can cruise on rivers, oceans, whitewater, lakes, ponds, etc. The kayak is equipped with four Flush Mount Capped rod holders, fitted cup holders, paddle rests, and dry storage hatches.

It has a molded centre cockpit sear, a rear storage with Bungee, two removable and adjustable EVA padded seats, and two adjustable kayak paddles. With fully outfitted features, transportation is fairly easy.

Made with ultra-durable rotomolded polyethylene material, this kayak is sturdy with a capacity of 500lbs. Although the seats are adjustable to suit a single paddler, you should note that it would be inappropriate and dangerous to stand in the kayak.

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Conclusion: Choosing The Best Tandem Kayak Made Easy!

With the recommendations given, you can definitely make a choice for a tandem kayak to purchase. More so, these products get shipped to different parts of the world and are wrapped in cardboard and plastic for protection. Furthermore, you can find out if there’s a warranty for your chosen kayak in your location.

Finally, you need to consider the kind of activities you’d be using your tandem kayak for. This would further help in making a right choice. Take note that safety precautions are necessary, especially when not all paddlers on the trip are experts.

Extreme sports with amateurs and children or pets would be unadvisable, even in a stable and comfortable kayak. Also, it is important that at least one rider is an expert, and all paddlers can swim. If not, you need to be careful of venturing too far out, particularly in fast-moving waterways.

In addition, nervous or fidgety companions or pets should not be taken on sporting trips. Kayaking can be a lot of fun for various . However, you must ensure you have some basic paddling skills at least, as well as taking safety measures. As soon as you purchase your kayak, it is advisable that you check your delivered product to ensure you have the exact one you requested delivered safely and undamaged.

All the recommended kayaks come with manuals which would help you in setting up and getting the hang of it. These would inform you of the details of your kayak, including everything about its recommended usage, storage, transportation and maintenance.




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