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Kayaking Guided Tours On Captiva Island And Sanibel

Written by Ryan Moore

We have been a full service kayak rental business and have been providing kayak tours in this area since the mid 1980’s.
Our tours are designed to share our knowledge about the area, educating participants about the natural and cultural history of the mangrove fringed coastline

We offer a variety of kayak styles to fit your needs.

Our tours are recommended for all ages and skill levels. We prefer to use tandem kayaks for the tours. Instructions will be provided.

No kayak experience is necessary for these excursions, just a sense of adventure and a willing spirit!

Popular Kayak Destinations On Captiva & Sanibel

Exploring the barrier islands of Captiva & Sanibel from sea level is a unique adventure for the entire family. Join us on our bayside location on Pine Island Sound Aquatic Preserve on Captiva Island. We have direct access to this pristine estuary, rich in Florida habitat. The scenic, shallow bay waters provide a beautiful backdrop for both novice and experienced paddlers: Bays, beaches, bayous and mangrove trails! So much to explore! Choose a back bay ecology tour with our guides through historic Buck Key Island and/or have an adventure paddling on your own to the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge

  • Buck Key Trail Loop. Generally takes 1 hr at moderate pace.
  • Buck Key Island. Circumnavigating the whole island generally takes 2 1/2 hrs+.
  • Chadwick’s Bayou Paddle Adventure. 1 to 2hrs round trip, depending on how much you want to explore.
  • Blind Pass & the Beach Excursion. 2 1/2 hrs to 4+hrs round trip. Great adventure to pack a picnic or go to lunch at a nearby restaurant.
  • Wulfert Keys and the refuge on Sanibel. 4-6+ hrs round trip.

Buck Key Trail Guded Tour (2hrs)

Only a short distance off Captiva and an easy paddle across Roosevelt Channel you’ll find the unspoiled island of Buck Key, a pristine mangrove island that is of environmental, historical and archaeological significance.

After a brief introduction, we will depart from our waterfront location at the mouth of Roosevelt Channel.

At a leisurely pace we will glide over the seagrasses while discussing the ecology of this backbay estuary and the fascinating history that surrounds this area.

Then onward to the peaceful splendor of Hurricane Harbor.
From there we will enter into the island of Buck Key. Gliding quietly beneath a canopy of mangroves, a “tunnel of tranquility”,
which takes us to the other side of the island and exisits out into the bay waters of Pine Island Aquatic Preserve.

A timeless experience! This scenic loop takes approximately two hours.
The estuary is abundant with a variety of birds and sightings of manatee, dolphin & otters are frequent.
Be sure to bring camera, binoculars and a sense of adventure!!!

Evening Guided Kayak Tour – Chadwick’s Bayou Tour (2hrs)

Join us on this evening nature tour designed for the entire family.
With your guide, discover the “NIGHT LIFE” of the mangrove shoreline and seagrass meadows: seahorses, seastars, bioluminescence!

Tours scheduled near a Full Moon might experience the sun setting over the tranquil waters of Chadwicks Bayou as the moon rises in the eastern sky across the bay! Constellation observation at its finest on a New Moon evening!

While paddling back in the moonlight or under a sky of twinkling stars, we might be able to quietly observe the activities of the birds, manatees, dolphins and otters. An adventure not to be missed!

Evening tours depart an hour before sunset and return by starlight an hour after sunset. Beginners are welcomed!

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