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Vibe Kayaks Reviews: 3 Quality Kayaks Reviewed

Written by Ryan Moore

Vibe kayaks are a relative newcomer to a paddling scene that’s decades old. Their brand revolves around a few key concepts that any paddler can relate to. First their boats are made to look good. Aesthetics is important honestly, even though function may be of higher priority. Second, Vibe makes sure their kayaks are packed with great features. This is the critical aspect of a pragmatic approach to making kayaks. Third, Vibe kayaks are meant to be affordable to the average paddler

In case you’re simply wondering what’s the BEST Vibe Kayak… In my opinion, this is an awesome Kayak.

If you’re like me, these are the same three aspects of a kayak that are important to you. While we are going to focus on their kayaks, Vibe also produces some pretty sick SUPs, trailers, paddles, and other kayaking and boating gear. They’re a one stop shop for everything that a paddler might want vibed out.

My Best Picks for VIBE Kayaks…

Best Vibe KayaksFeaturesPrice
Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130
sea ghost
GREAT kayak for the price. Quite possibly one of the best kayaks you can get for the money. Check out also the beautiful HUNTER Camo version.$$
Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100
Ideal 1 person sit on top kayak.$
Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 130
3 person kayak with a 500 pound capacity.$$
Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90
One of the best picks for 1 person kayak.$
Vibe Kayaks Maverick 120
very comfortable Larry chair.$$
Vibe Kayaks 12' Maverick 120 Hybrid Kayak Angler Package
Ideal for fishing, incredibly stable.$$$

Vibe was founded by partners Joshua Thomas and John Ewald in 2013. Based on each partner’s unique experienced with saltwater and freshwater kayaking, the combined talent. One unique aspect of Vibe is that a portion of their brand is focused on fishing boats. I love this because fishing kayaks are a hugely underserved portion of the paddling community. It’s nice to see a brand with some expertise finally paying attention to the needs of anglers!

Here are a few of my favorite Vibe kayaks and why I like them. By the time you’re done with this article you should have a better idea of what options you’d like, too!

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak + Paddle Review

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This fishing kayaks is built around a platform made for ultimate stability. It’s built with an extra wide hull which adds stability in any water condition and helps make for a more roomy, comfortable fishing boat. That extra space equates to more fishing tackle and gear that you can haul out with you and more fish you can haul back!

For all the demanding anglers out there, you won’t be let down with the Ghost 130. I love the ability to store fish in the rear tank well that sits behind the seat. There are tons of rod holders on the boat and your paddle can be stored as well for paddle-free fishing time!

Possibly one of the biggest factors on this boat is the Vibe Hero seat. Kayaks are notorious for poor seats, but Vibe took this to the next level! Their Hero seat is a fully suspended seat with tons of adjustability and padding.

There are front and rear hatches, an adjustable rudder system, and more features than I can even shake a stick at. I love the center console which is loaded with tackle holders, storage, and the ability to mount equipment such as a fish finder or depth gauge if you wanted to take it up a level! If I were in the market for a fishing kayak at the moment, this would be my personal top pick. There’s just nobody else out there making such a nice fishing kayak at such a great price.

At 13 feet overall, it comes in at 74 pounds and can easily handle loads up to 500 pounds. Be sure to factor in the weight of gear, yourself, and any water or fish in the tank well when considering the maximum load.

This kayak takes a radical departure from the large fishing kayak we looked at before. When it comes to boats, longer is better for stability and paddling straight efficient lines. However, when the going gets tough and things get tight and fast you may want a shorter boat. The Skipjack 90 is that boat.

It comes in at just 9’ overall in length weighing a lightweight 46 pounds. Both the bow and stern are rockered to reduce the overall profile of the boat in the water. This means that while the boat is technically 9’ long, quite a bit less than that is actually touching the water during normal paddling. This further reduces profile and makes the boat agile!

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Like the Sea Ghost, Vibe earns top points with this boat for a seriously nice seat. Extra padding and tons of ergonomic adjustability set this boat lightyears beyond most of the competition in terms of comfort.

While it’s a decidedly sportier design than the dedicated fishing boats made by Vibe, they did make sure that you have options. Four flush mounted rod holders sprinkled around the boat make plenty of room for fishing rods. How you’re supposed to cast a line with four fishing rods sticking up around you is beyond me, though!

I like that the boat comes with a Vibe Journey Paddle. While I normally shun included paddles, I don’t mind that Vibe tossed one in. Why? Because most “free” paddles are junk. Vibe makes their own line of paddles and their attention to detail means that their included paddles are at least worth having around, even if you choose to upgrade later.

For gear storage, you’ll get to choose between two included dry wells for any sensitive gear, like cell phones. Or you can use the rear storage tank that’s really quite spacious and decked out with shock cord rigging.

This is a perfect choice for a mix of occasional fishing and weekend paddling on faster rivers for fun!

If this boat seems familiar, that’s because it’s based on the same design as the first boat we reviewed. While the Skipjack is a decidedly sport first, fishing second model the Sea Ghost 110 lies somewhere in the middle. It has all the features and functions of a dedicated fishing kayak but in a shorter, more agile package.

With the raised comfort seat, it will never have the low center of gravity that the Skipjack sports, but it will be much easier to control. At 11’ it’s a much more agile boat than the 13’ Sea Ghost 130. Like the larger model it sports a flat hull with defined skegs in the front and back to help it track straight. This makes it easier to paddle open water in an efficient way but makes the boat more sluggish to maneuver in tighter areas.

Along with two dry wells, including one 6”, there are tons of storage options. The center console has storage, tackle trays, and mounts for gear like GPS or fish fingers. The boat is already loaded with a preinstalled toe controlled rudder system for improved tracking and paddling. Overall, it’s get everything you’d need for a dedicated fishing boat in a slightly smaller package.


Overall, Vibe makes some seriously dedicated paddling kayaks. Without a doubt, they stand among the best contenders for serious fishermen in the kayaking world. If you’re looking for a boat that’s either dedicated to fishing or a recreational kayak you can use to cast a line on occasion, Vibe has got your back. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a boat in my list that can become a favorite for years to come.

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